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10 signs you're ready for remote data management

Posted by Phil Van Wormer on Aug 26, 2014 6:00:00 AM

wireless-network-helpBusinesses have for years been outsourcing their database administration to the tune of substantial cost savings. Remote DBA clients tend to cut expenses by 40 to 60 percent, according to the standard industry maxim.

The advent of the Cloud has further increased interest in remote data management by converting those who questioned the safety of wireless storage. But many still stick to the comfort of local or centralized servers although they potentially have a lot to gain by contracting with an outside provider, allowing their IT talent to be redeployed to other strategic initiatives.

Take the example of ImpactManager RF and EquipManager Equipment Monitors hardware and software applications. Mounted on your material handling equipment, these devices transmit a wealth of data on the use - or misuse - of vehicles in your fleet. The question is when it makes sense to have the data hosted and managed off site?

If you recognize your business in any of the following, it may be time to consider a remote data management service:  

1. IT doesn’t want to take on another project: 

Stretched as IT departments tend to be, some initiatives fall through simply because IT balks at the idea of taking on more work. In the case of equipment monitoring, outsourcing data management only requires minimal involvement by IT when the software is installed and hardly at all once the system has been launched.

2. You’ve suffered one or more catastrophic system failures:

Time and time again, businesses lose tons of invaluable data to system failures. If backup is sporadic, some have to face the reality of seeing, at worst, all of their data gone. A remote data management service maintains data integrity around the clock, eliminating the risk of ever having to start the data collection from scratch.

3. Your company has multiple sites: 

Managing data coming from multiple locations can be time consuming, a fact that speaks in favor of outsourcing. The more sites you are managing, the more lucrative RDM becomes.

4. You want immediate feedback on potential issues:

If you have been on the phone or had an online session with tech support to talk through a computer configuration, you know the challenges that can arise. RDM software, on the other hand, gives both parties direct access to the same view, speeding up the response time.

5. You need monitoring 24/7:

As one analyst put it, “One of the biggest advantages of remote management software is the ability to see potential problems and take care of them before they can do any damage.” If an equipment monitor is not reporting to the server, for example, you will receive an e-mail that same day.

6. You wish to increase team productivity:

Although you may have staff equipped to handle database backups and software updates, their time may still be better spent on doing what they were hired to do.

7. IT is running up big bills:

If your IT-department operates as a separate entity, it means they will bill for any work that they perform on other servers. If the bills add up, RDM is an option to cut costs since you will usually pay a fixed price per server or device rather than an hourly fee.

8. You need worldwide access:

Unlike a centralized server which usually requires you to be within the walls of an intranet to view the data, a RDM system provides instant access as long as you have a Web browser. For someone who works from home or spends time on the road, always having information and customized reports  within reach makes sense.

9. You’re tired of the “break/fix” model:

In few other industries does this argument apply as well as in material handling. Leveraging the monitoring technology to reduce costly forklift impacts hinges upon your ability to actually use the data coming off the trucks. The RDM experts will make sure the data transmission is running smoothly, giving you ample opportunity to take action.

10. You are spending too much time and money on training:

Even the most sophisticated systems can fail without expert personnel in charge. If high turnover is threatening the effectiveness of your investment, contracting with a remote data management service ensures continuity and should help you maximize ROI.

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