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How to Cut Back on Lengthy Warehouse Reports and Analysis

Posted by Dick Sorenson on Jul 6, 2017 3:00:00 AM

Do you put off running lengthy KPI reports and all the required analysis that goes with them? You are not alone. folders-25133_640-1.png

Working your way through arduous warehouse reports steals precious hours from your day and probably leaves you scrambling to catch up with other tasks. Basically, you need insight, but you also need the time to act on that insight. Often, there are simply not enough hours in the day to effectively do both.

But, there is an alternative solution. Some telematics can instantly analyze KPIs and deliver everything you need to know — instantly, to one screen. This means fast facts, insight, and direction without sifting through lengthy reports.

Work smarter

You probably have monitoring software working for you, but the question is how much does it really deliver? 

About 65% of companies use big data analytics to monitor their fleet, equipment and assets, identifying problems and sending reminders for proactive maintenance. But, their software leaves them scrambling for solid answers hidden in all that data.

What most of us want is a system that analyzes information for us, telling us exactly what is wrong and how to fix it.

We want software that instantly delivers insight on:

  • Activity – movement of your fleet
  • Impacts – accidents happen, but are there no more than one per month?
  • Checklists – safety checklists completed successfully and completely
  • Lockout – lists vehicles that are locked out due to maintenance issues or impact
  • Certification – lists if all driver certifications up to date and meeting OSHA training requirements
  • No Communication – how often does a lift-truck lose contact with wireless communication?

CommandPulseDX does this and a bit more. It helps you monitor and identify where, when, why and how to fix your KPI issues, instantly, simply by looking at one dashboard screen. It can be that easy.

Capabilities include:

  • Reading a report card on all KPIs and seeing instantly if the desired results are achieved. Problem areas are highlighted, while successful areas are checked off as needing attention.
  • Giving a deeper look when a KPI is off target, with access to further details through a simple pull-down menu. This provides a chart of trends that indicate where and why that KPI is not where it should be.
  • Identifying operator behavior patterns for a better understanding of how and why impacts occur and if maintenance protocol is followed.
  • Matching patterns and learning from them. For example, instantly knowing the shortest path or paths of less congestion.

Deploying the right software can cut 3-4 hours from your day lost to running and analyzing lengthy reports. With all the information you need on one screen, you can effectively use your time to focus on what matters: KPI problems, solutions, and planning for continuous improvement.

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