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How to Keep New Year’s Warehouse Improvement Resolutions

Posted by Brian Quigley, Director of Client Services on Jan 8, 2019 4:00:00 AM

Imagine starting this new year knowing all the issues in your warehouse that need attention, why they are happening, and what to do about them. That’s a New Year’s resolution worth committing to.  start-line-3449607_640(1)

As you set goals for 2019, remember to focus your time on what matters. Running in circles was not in your job description. You need to think lean and reduce the time required to decipher data and initiate corrective, preventive action. Then, you can use the time you’ve saved to make changes that will generate improvements.

Resolutions like this probably sound ideal to you — but maybe you don’t know where to begin to make them your reality. Telematics can be the solution for warehouse improvement by helping you quickly identify where your attention is needed.

Better warehouse safety and output in 2019

Staying one step ahead of daily challenges in your facility may seem to require more hours than there are in a day. It takes time to: 

  • Stay aware of current or emerging issues by running reports, filtering to relevant data, collecting results, and making the connection to any KPIs relevant to individual responsibilities 
  • Identify any trends  
  • Determine which issues are in need of immediate attention 
  • Investigate who or what is behind each issue 
  • Determine what action is needed to address each issue 

The right telematics platform does much of this work for you. Think about what your operation would be like if you could accomplish these crucial tasks in minutes.With platforms like TotalTrax’s CommandPulseDX, you could gain:

Faster, immediate visibility  

One screen — based on your specific KPIs for Six Sigma, Lean, Continuous Improvement, etc. — displays all relevant areas with a live status. You no longer need to spend time running reports to determine problem areas.

Exception-based management 

Immediately see if any issues exist and which areas are running well. Instantly know where immediate attention is needed.This reduces wasted time for other employees and also trims operational costs. 

Quick path to probable root causes 

A click of the mouse takes you to underlying charts and tables that show the root of the problem, providing an easier path to assessment for action and resolutions BEFORE issues get out of hand. 

Quickly focus on: 

  • Critical issues, like impacts, etc., which involve downtime or time/attention of others 
  • The magnitude and impact of issues through quicker resolutions, and the reoccurrence of problem issues 

If 2019 goals include continuous improvement of KPIs, look to solutions that make warehouse management more effective — allowing attention to be directed to where it is needed most. A customizable suite of software widgets can eliminate the need for time-consuming reports and facilitate instant insight and monitoring of critical fleet and operational data.

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