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Simple Steps That Will Boost Your Team & Warehouse Productivity

Posted by Brian Quigley, Director of Client Services on May 30, 2019 6:18:03 AM

You may be leading a warehouse team, but are they following your lead? Achieving productivity goals is not a one-man job. It usually requires a solid group effort and a creative, organized approach to team management. team-1028829_640

First, it’s important for managers to recognize that not everyone has the same level of dedication and commitment to achieving KPI goals. Achieving goals may excite you, but some members of your team may not understand the value.

Unfortunately, it only takes a few individuals doing the bare minimum to affect the entire operation. But there are a few simple steps to take that will boost your team’s effort, and that means vastly improving productivity.

Step 1: Everyone needs to know what needs to change and why.

Give meaning to the team’s goals. Most employees feel a greater connection to the outcome of their work if they fully understand why the goal is important and valuable.

Share goal objectives and explain how their hard work will make it possible. Results can be easier to achieve when everyone understands the challenges, the importance of the goals, and how they each can play a role in the achievement process.

Step 2: Everyone should understand how their performance directly impacts results.

Take time to explain what tasks they individually need to improve on and why. Use customizable telematic reports to show where change is needed and why. Armed with concrete facts about shortcomings, everyone can contribute personal insight, experience, and knowledge to help craft a course of action. 

Step 3: Create a weekly strategy and game plan for your team.

Tackle tasks one week at a time. Some workers find it easier to focus on the task at hand rather than have the entire game plan stretched out before them.

Focus on steps everyone can take each week to improve, and, suddenly, that hard-to-reach goal is not as daunting. Weekly goals will seem more obtainable, and recognition for improvement each week can boost morale and build momentum toward the final objective.

Also, track individual driver performance and productivity with operator report cards, and provide balanced weekly feedback that includes both praise and areas in need of improvement.

Employees should ideally take ownership of KPI goals and be willing to make necessary changes that cultivate improvement. But, a true leader should also find ways to cultivate a team mindset and get everyone working together to achieve those goals.

Knowing how to truly lead a team, even when short on time and patience, is critical to achieving improvement goals. Telematics software facilitates KPI transparency, identifying what is going well — and what is not — helping you to create weekly action plans that can quickly boost your team’s productivity.

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