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Simplified Big Data, Warehouse Management Just Got Leaner

Posted by Brian Quigley, Director of Client Services on Mar 23, 2017 3:00:00 AM

You want more information, but don't have the spare hours in the day to get it? Analyzing big data doesn’t have to take a big portion of your time. Now is the time to look at today’s cloud-service software, which delivers greater detail with a simplified data-management functionality.  big-data-big.jpg

About 52 percent of companies deploy warehouse telematics, but not all systems support time-efficient, proactive measures. The wrong system keeps you in a pattern of trying to understand the origins of your challenges instead of helping you avoiding them.

You need leaner, exception-based management practices, made possible through a flexible toolset designed to save time and frustration.

Here’s a few new warehouse management features to look for:

  • Reports configured by goals or Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) essential to the operation
  • Customizable dashboards, charts, and data assessments that offer a real-time, self-service, single-pane-of-glass graphical user interface
  • The ability to view what is happening in a facility currently, the previous day, week, month, or year
  • A toolset that drives continuous improvement by managing KPIs/goals

Anyone can understand big data

To take control over warehouse costs and improve KPIs, small challenges must be addressed early, before they impact the business. You need information.

But, “big data” is typically difficult to understand.  Studies show warehouse operators know telematics delivers value, but unsorted data is too time-consuming to be helpful.

However, new telematic developments, like CommandPulseDX from TotalTrax, responds to these concerns. User-friendly big data is broken down into actionable information on a single screen. This empowers you to leverage vast amounts of information to transform your warehouse, saving valuable time and frustration.

Instantly access:

  • The breakdown of drivers’ times (login to logout)
  • All current KPI data on a single screen
  • Trouble areas because they are highlighted, and successful areas are checked off
  • Detailed information (the who and the why) on each KPI via a pull-down menu
  • Patterns and maintenance schedules, including battery charging
  • All motion and times for forklift activities, such as lift motion and idle time

Big data can pinpoint small operational changes

When big data is broken down into actionable information, you can also quickly identify small inefficiencies that, when corrected, add up to major time and cost savings.

You can:

  • Monitor congestion in a row or intersection of the warehouse, and identify accident-prone areas.
  • Obtain detailed, documented reports and analysis of all impacts — identifying not only who, but the where, when and why.
  • Look at operators’ overall productivity compared by shift, site, and region. Operators account for 70 to 80 percent of the hourly cost of operating a lift truck, so targeting these areas for improvement or the need for additional driver training saves time and money.

The latest in telematic software answers the changing needs and challenges of today’s managers and operators. Features are customizable to your operation, facilitating Lean management practices and a continuous improvement-based system.


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