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Smart Trucks: Taking solutions beyond maintenance tracking

Posted by Phil Van Wormer on Jul 29, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Fleet management technology is more than tracking maintenance.

As many as nine out of 10 respondents in a recent survey by the Peerless Research Group on lift truck usage cited tracking maintenance history and the cost to maintain as the top two uses of fleet management technology. While those are indeed invaluable features of fleet management, these sophisticated systems are designed to do so much more.

Whether you are looking to improve your labor management, optimize your fleet, gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of each of your drivers, or eliminate costly forklift impacts, a system such as the TotalTrax Smart Truck Solution has been built to meet all of those needs.


The TotalTrax Smart Truck Solution portfolio turns traditional material handling vehicles into “smart trucks,” capable of automated data, collection, reporting and analysis. The impact range of this real-time, inch-accurate driver and inventory tracking technologies can be seen in the image to the left.


The evolution of fleet management software is indeed happening at such a rapid pace some end users have indicated that data collected by the trucks is like “drinking from a fire hose”; the amount of information seems so overwhelming that they question whether they are equipped to not only absorb, but use the information to make operational changes. It is, after all, what you do with the data that creates value.

If you’re one of those end users, make sure your provider of choice makes customer service a priority and actively helps you apply the technology throughout your organization.

Having doubts?

Others, who have yet to invest in any fleet management, express doubts about the potential savings such a system can generate, according to the Peerless survey.

But as our own customers can attest, the savings are not only real but substantial. The typical TotalTrax customer will realize 10 to 40 percent productivity gains by using our advanced tracking solutions.  

And why not look at the numbers of organizations that have successfully monitored their lift truck fleets. According to one study, they experienced a minimum of:

  • 28 percent improvement in operator compliance.
  • 11 percent reduction in maintenance costs.
  • 13 percent improvement in vehicle utilization.
  • 12 percent increase in overall profitability.
  • 26 percent improvement in regulatory compliance.
  • 15 percent decrease in vehicle downtime and average travel time per job.
  • 15 percent reduction in average travel time per job.

In a series of upcoming posts, we’ll highlight in greater detail the impact of these solutions on right-sizing your fleet, the ROI of fleet optimization, and warehouse productivity.

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