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Simple Ways to Improve Time Management in Your Warehouse

Posted by Dick Sorenson on Apr 12, 2018 4:00:00 AM

Your time is valuable. Your skills and expertise are wasted running from one warehouse crisis to the next instead of focusing on actions that improve KPIs and overall productivity. result-3236280_640

The fact is, scrambling for solutions can steal valuable time from each day that could be used to improve your business. This is a common time-management problem, but it can be solved.

Lean time-management techniques

Running in circles was not in your job description. You need to think lean and reduce the time required to decipher data and initiate corrective, preventive action. Then, you can use the time you’ve saved to make changes that will generate improvements.

Sounds simple, but to begin, you need insight. A telematics platform is part of the solution. It can deliver actionable information and facilitate time-management techniques, allowing managers to proactively avoid potential problems, identify actions for KPI improvement, and reduce expenses.

Begin with these two steps:

1.      Be aware of any issues that can potentially turn into problems

Valuable time is lost to lengthy reports, filtering relevant data, collecting results, and making the connection to any KPIs. Rethink how you gain this knowledge.

Those investigative managerial tasks can be accomplished in minutes when you deploy an effective time-management telematic tool to monitor KPIs and, in one glance, tell you where attention is needed. You can quickly:

  • determine if there are any trends
  • uncover which issues are nearing a “red zone” and need immediate attention
  • investigate who or what is behind each issue
  • determine what action is needed to address each issue

2.      Proactively fix issues before they become time-consuming problems

Your telematics system should do more than show you what’s going wrong. It should tell you how to fix it. So, you can save time and money when you upgrade to telematics software that tells you the root cause and how to address it effectively.

You gain:

  • Faster, immediate visibility on one screen, based on your specific KPIs for lean, continuous improvement. It can display all relevant areas with real-time status.
  • You no longer need to spend time running reports to determine problem areas. Instantly viewing results on one screen means you save 1-2 hours of searching for answers.
  • The right telematics platform offers a quick path to root causes. A click of the mouse takes you to underlying charts and tables that show the root of the problem, providing an easier path to assessment for action and resolutions BEFORE issues get out of hand.

If you are being pulled in multiple directions and feeling ineffective in meeting company goals, it’s time to reclaim those hours spent running reports and searching for answers. Telematics is the time-management tool needed to monitor KPIs and quickly identify problems, solutions, and the actions needed to achieve KPI benchmarks.

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