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How SX/VX Platform Solves Problems Today and Tomorrow

Posted by Neil O'Connell, SVP Technology, Innovation, & Product Development on Sep 6, 2016 9:44:51 AM

Not all telematics platforms deliver the same level of service or address all of your pain points. There are several out there to choose from, but some may cost you more — yet not provide the right capabilities for your business. While searching for your telematics platform, it pays to compare capabilities as well as price tags.ttximage001.jpg

The new SX/VX platform is the latest in in what will become an ecosphere of related applications, which can be bound into a single user interface and user experience for the material handling operator. It not only conforms to fit your company today, but it will continue to grow along with your business. Flash forward – for example – and picture the interface on your smart car with a number of apps to choose from.

According to SupplyChain24/7, to get control over the costs of doing business, companies need a disciplined way of managing their labor forces. Telematics provides the necessary insight to do so, but this investment must be the right platform for your needs, now and in the future.

Comparable telematics platforms on the market either struggle with — or simply cannot deliver — what the SX/VX platform delivers today. And TotalTrax continues to develop exciting new capabilities, which allow so you can leverage the latest in telematics and know your platform will not become antiquated tomorrow.

The revolutionary solutions of SX/VX

What can you expect from SX/VX? The latest apps will include many of the existing WMS (warehouse management systems) such as SAP WM, Oracle WM, Manhattan WM, or Scale, etc.; as well as LMS (labor management systems); time keeping systems like Kronos; safety management systems; and maintenance systems. They will be pre-integrated and available on a simple user interface.

The trailblazers at TotalTrax have set to work on revolutionizing rather than simply evolving. The result is the SX software and VX hardware product lines. Through this ecosystem approach, the SX/VX platform becomes a centralized app store for its users.

Benefits include:

  • SX/VX becomes your “virtual industrial engineer,” a way to solve the WMS/LMS problem of how to get exact, timely location information. The SX/VX system provides one-foot level accuracy in real time. So slotting becomes more timely and accurate, and time and motion studies to determine labor standards and other base measurements are eliminated.
  • Other network effects are anticipated — third-party developers are looking for platforms to support. SX/VX is the first in the material handling world.
  • As we begin to integrate telematics into the dashboards of the MHE trucks, the platform will drive the synergies from all outside providers of content, telemetry, and communication.

The SX/VX Advanced Telematics Platform provides solutions to the multiple pain points of doing business. Warehouses are becoming leaner, more advanced, and OSHA regulations more strict. SX/VX combines data from all three elements that make up your warehouse operation — inventory, people, and hard assets — to provide comprehensive insight to support your WMS. It offers an ecosystem approach to address those needs today and grows with your business to meet tomorrow’s demands.

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