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How Third-Party Telematics Supports a Fault Code Advantage

Posted by Brian Quigley, Director of Client Services on Nov 29, 2016 4:00:00 AM

Collecting data across your fleet should be the starting point for operational improvements, not a lesson in frustration. If you own a mixed fleet, you know that monitoring your vehicles with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specific system has its limitations.  puzzle-1746564_640.png

OEMs tout their ability to provide granular reporting, maintenance scheduling, and cost reductions by reporting on fault codes — engine overheat, low hydraulic fluid, etc. — via CAN bus (controller area network) access. But there is one important catch: An OEM solution can provide fault code data for its trucks only, NOT for those of a competitor. That does not work across a mixed fleet. OEM limitations can cost you.

But, there is a solution. A telematics solution from a third party is non-specific to each OEM and works on all trucks. Let’s take a look at how you can overcome challenges with OEM-specific systems with third-party telematics.

Consistency in productivity and maintenance data

Because the material-handling industry has not adopted uniform CAN bus standards, owners of mixed fleets are negatively impacted.

Say you are a mixed-fleet owner who uses OEM-specific systems. Because each system will read the fault codes from only from its own OEM, you will have to sort through multiple data sets to get a comprehensive picture of your fleet. Not only is that time-consuming, it will make interpretation more difficult due to reporting inconsistencies.

A best-of-breed, third-party telematics provider can make data-gathering across your fleet more efficient and consistent. Consistent data and metrics eliminate the need to consolidate different fault codes, allowing you to take immediate action to improve your operation.

ROI without fault code and CAN bus access - the fault code advantage

An advanced telematics provider can lower the cost of ownership and improve the productivity of many different makes and models of fork trucks. In fact, they can reduce damage costs by an average of 50 to 90% and increase productivity by up to 40%.  Additionally, third-party telematics providers have found ways to obtain a lot of the fault code data without CAN bus access. 

If you are a mixed fleet owner, you can benefit from a telematics solution that is not specific to each OEM, but instead encompasses all machines in the fleet, including those with embedded OEM systems. This means you can view data on a single portal and need only one API to push data into your business system, which increases efficiency and eases frustration.

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