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Quickly Improve Forklift Safety, Productivity and Driver-Certification Compliance

Posted by Dick Sorenson on Feb 14, 2017 4:00:00 AM

One of the biggest challenges of managing a warehouse or distribution center is knowing how to minimize risk, while maximizing productivity. But, if your systems are outdated and you're relying on time-consuming manual checks, this is costing you safety and efficiency.

Many top-producing enterprises have turned to big-data analysis through advanced telematics for a solution X2_warehouse-1.jpgthat delivers results and increases profitability. Telematics is an investment that offers substantial ROI, allowing managers to instantly:

  • Monitor and control speed
  • Record all collision details
  • Monitor braking and driver behavior
  • Ensure drivers are certified for the vehicle they are operating
  • Ensure all training requirements are completed

The end result from deploying telematics is minimized risk and optimized productivity — but where do you begin?

Seek technology solutions that are tailored to your needs

There are some products on the market that offer features that target overall safety performance of your forklift fleet. But not all telematics systems deliver the same level of detail, visibility, simplified deployment, and cloud-based access.

TotalTrax’s SX/VX advanced telematics platform provides those solutions, easily tailored to your specific needs.

For example, when a global innovation company — which develops and distributes a wide range of products from automotive and manufacturing to energy and health care — needed to improve safety and efficiency, it turned to the SX/VX platform.

The Company has operations in more than 65 countries and operates 74 manufacturing facilities across the U.S. It already used TotalTrax’s cloud-based solution in 5 of its distribution centers to monitor speed, collisions, braking, driver licensure, and various safety metrics for its forklifts. The Company found the platform to successfully minimize risk and optimize productivity at these 5 facilities.

But, two additional facilities lacked vendor-supported fleet-management technology. It was time to expand this level of control.

Challenges solved by advanced telematics

The Company’s challenge was a common one — existing systems did not track incidents for analysis in safety investigations. In addition, the lack of up-to-date systems with the capacity for unit monitoring and licensure checks created the risk of untrained operators driving trucks and drivers potentially not following safety procedures.

The Company decided to deploy TotalTrax’s SX/VX advanced telematics platform at the two facilities, based on its track record of improving safety and operational efficiency at the other distribution centers.

The results were an immediate improvement on safety compliance and safety investigation. And the cloud-based solution provided operator and truck utilization data that boosted productivity and operational efficiency.

The takeaway on telematics

In a nut shell,  real-time visibility into the movement and performance of the Company’s fleet — as well as individual drivers and their certifications — dramatically cut impacts, improved safety compliance, and increased productivity.

The platform was compatible with the Company’s existing products, and addressed its specific needs by generating reports to help control costs, improve safety, and maximize productivity of vehicles, labor, and warehouses.

TotalTrax’s innovative SX software enables optimum safety and warehouse productivity, remote-diagnostics, and data-management functionality in an intuitive, yet scalable user interface. To learn more on this Company’s results, download the case study.

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