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Warehouse Challenges & VOC Helped Create Simplified Reporting Software

Posted by Thelma Marshall on Sep 13, 2018 4:00:00 AM

Some challenges are hard to recognize unless we’re immersed in them. This is why insight gathered from warehouse managers was a vital component in improving our telematic reporting software. After all, who knows more about how reporting software could work better than the customers using it? The lesson here is that the voice of the customer (VoC) matters. rubik-cube-1703600_640-2

Real problems, better solutions

With more information comes the need for better analysis that connects all the moving parts of your organization. Advanced analytical skills shouldn’t be required, but sometimes a telematic reporting system provides too much information. This has been an issue since big data made its way into the warehousing industry. Simplicity was one of the top things warehouse professionals told us they needed.

Here are some other top needs:  

  1. More flexibility in setting up the reports – choosing the fields seen first, in order of priority
  2. Sharing reports with other SX200 users – such as supervisor sharing with a lead 
  3. Saving reports for multiple users to access
  4. The ability to export in a PDF that provides a report form, export to Excel and CSV 
  5. The ability to see trending in areas such as utilization and productivity  

Ultimately, software users said they want a reporting system to tell them exactly what they need to know — what is on track and what isn’t — and easily identify the next step or solution. Total Trax addressed these needs with revisions that created a more tailored data solution.

Here’s how:

The new reporting platform offers greater customization, eliminating superfluous information and allowing greater focus on user-specific objectives.

This means that the fields of information on a telematic report can be tailored to your operation. Our advanced telematics platform offers this customizable reporting, allowing enterprises to choose their own fields of insight to view instantly.

All monitoring and documentation systems can merge to efficiently communicate information to each other and provide a complete report. This eases the stress of meeting increased demands for supply chain transparency. When all systems merge into this reporting platform, transparency of operations with equipment, operator tracking, and continuous tracking of inventory down to the square foot, are instantly accessible.

Better reports will save time

Big data is only actionable if you can quickly access and understand it. Time is money and managers must be able to leverage vast amounts of information to make proactive decisions to save valuable time and avoid costly mistakes and frustration.

The latest advancements in telematic software meet the needs and challenges of today’s managers and warehouse operators. Customizable fields of information and the ability to easily use and share reports facilitate lean management practices and quickly identifies how to meet key objectives.


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