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Basics of an Effective Warehouse Employee Recognition Program

Posted by Thelma Marshall on Jan 29, 2019 4:00:00 AM

Warehouse managers must deal with reckless behavior and poor judgement within the team they manage. The job is not for the faint of heart. But what about those employees who excel at their job or act to avoid potential problems? Without any recognition for a job well-done, they might just look for employment elsewhere. thumb-1013968_640

One of the greatest challenges managers encounter today continues to be how to attract, develop, and retain top-performing forklift operators and warehousing talent. Retention is crucial. Creating an employee recognition program can be instrumental in motivating workers to perform better, but it also is instrumental in retaining high-quality staff.

The psychology of effective employee recognition

Most people thrive on praise. Being recognized for excellence does more than just improve employee morale. It makes employees feel they are valued and that what they contribute matters to management. Showing your appreciation creates an environment of respect and gives employees a sense of ownership and belonging within their company. 

Because of this, an effective recognition program can also be an improvement strategy for your enterprise. 

Other benefits include: 

  1. Overall employee morale increases. Employees often go above and beyond what is expected of them in most cases. 
  2. Employees who feel appreciated and respected will be more productive and motivated and are likely to remain longer with the company.  
  3. It can inspire higher employee productivity overall and increased retention of top performers.   

Start with a basic recognition program

A recognition program can be very easy to create. You need to determine: 

  • the timeframe of the incentive cycle (monthly or weekly)  
  • which actions or achievements will earn rewards 
  • the reward or recognition (This doesn’t need to be costly — the big incentive is for performance to be recognized as exceptional.)  
  • how to share the details about the recognition program and spell out expectations to employees

A recognition program can be very easy to orchestrate. You need to determine: 

  • Have employees completed tasks in a manner that supports company goals? team-3393213_640 
  • Have policies and/or practices — like proper battery charging or utilizing safety checklists — been followed well by the team or by individual employees? 
  • Who best supported the company’s goals through their actions?  

A telematics operator report card can identify top performers and determine who has taken exceptional action on the job or with following safety measures. Telematics software provides insight into which drivers are speeding or are involved in warehouse traffic issues, but it also can determine your top performers when it comes to positive skills and behaviors.

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