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Operator Praise — Make Drivers Feel Valued & Boost Labor Productivity

Posted by Thelma Marshall on Dec 28, 2017 4:00:00 AM

Almost everyone responds to praise and knowing they have done their job with exceptional skill. But, with time constraints and daily challenges, operator praise and recognition often get put on the backburner. Lifttruck.jpg

But, it doesn’t require a lot of time to make a driver feel valued. You can easily track an operator’s performance and productivity and communicate this kind of support if you have the right information at your fingertips.

Telematic monitoring as a data-collection tool to increase labor porductivity

Today's telematics platforms monitor labor productivity and benchmarks any results that rise above the norm. So, you are not just looking for trouble spots or bad behavior, but can see and recognize a job well done, too. You gain this through:

1.      Optical location

This telematic feature provides instant information on forklift speed, location, and operator. It allows speed limits to be set and monitored for each type of forklift, so managers can see driver behavior in real time.

2.      Operator report cards

Operator report cards provide a complete view of an operator's compliance with safety standards, checklist completion, and overall performance on the warehouse floor. Often operators are forced to move material under tight timelines to address customers’ just-in-time needs. This tool allows a manager to see if work was completed with safety in mind and if there were no infractions over a specific period of time.

3.      Vehicle and warehouse activity linked through telematic software

Managers can make a direct correlation between job performance and productivity. For example, TotalTrax SX/VX measures forklift travel times, speed, load on/off times, idle times, and job tracking.

Operators, rewards and recognition

Your employees want recognition that shows they are valued and you see their hard work. This promotes continued hard work because they know it matters and will be recognized. And recognition doesn’t have to be large — the point is to receive praise and to feel that someone noticed their efforts. success-938346_640.jpg

Some simple ideas include:

  • Sharing their accomplishment: Put their name and their exceptional efforts in the company-wide newsletter, or post it on the bulletin board. Mention them and their skills, or the job well, done at the next team meeting.
  • A small token reward: Try a gift card that buys their morning coffee for a week, or one that pays for lunch at a local sandwich shop.
  • A little perk, like leaving work a bit early or a longer lunch break: This may cost more than a gift card, but it is a great incentive that employees will strive for.

The valued worker is one that will exceed expectations and be vested in outcomes. Though no news is said to be good news, employees want to get positive information — like a pat on the back or a reward — especially when they exceed expectations. Telematic monitoring and operator report cards are an easy way see individual results and recognize them.

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