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Telematic Data and the Root Cause of Warehouse Issues

Posted by Dick Sorenson on Dec 19, 2017 4:00:00 AM

Whether your facility is running behind schedule, inventory is misplaced, or operators seem to be slacking off, the root cause of your issue may not be what you first think. inspector-160143_1280.png

Yes, as a facility manager you have experience and some pretty good gut instinct, but often the truth about these common challenges is in the details.

Here’s a breakdown of a couple scenarios where the root of the problem is not what you might assume and how you can stay one step ahead when armed with facts.

Problem 1 – Both the fleet and inventory are moving slowly

Say, for example, a few of your facility’s KPIs are not on target — particularly, your fleet’s activity is not what it should be. You may feel that operators are simply not performing as well as they should.

There are a few very common reasons that will throw off operational KPIs in a warehouse or distribution facility. To solve the issue, a manager first must identify the “what, when and why” behind the problem.

A telematic report card is capable of monitoring fleet performance and delivering a pull-down menu to identify which truck(s) and operator(s) are slowing down the entire fleet.

But, the root cause might be more than a few operators slacking off.

When fleet activity drops, the cause may be the result of mechanical issues, several forklifts being down for repairs, and even poor battery charges. Telematic data can tell you:

  • how many of your fleet vehicles are out of service and why,
  • if proper regular maintenance and safety checklists are being completed,
  • and if batteries are operating with full amperage and are fully charged, cleaned, and have received routine maintenance.

So, this problem might not be a labor issue, but rather a maintenance issue.

Problem 2 – Operators are suddenly speeding and taking unnecessary risks

On the surface this just seems to be something you address with your operators, perhaps some retraining reminders on safety protocol. The right telematics system can warn managers and supervisors about broken speed limits, sounding an alarm and emailing the supervisor.

But, the root cause may not be poor skills or a need for speed when driving.

Perhaps new orders have come in and you have not addressed the increased demands or right-sized the fleet. Monitoring and measuring the movement of all assets, including inventory and forklift trucks, in real time helps to right-size your fleet, making sure there are enough trucks on the floor to meet demands.

Or maybe routing is the issue. Real-time tracking provides facts to determine the best driver and route for optimum product movement.

So, this problem might not be a training issue, but rather a fleet optimization and routing issue.

Data tells the true story

The right telematics system will analyze important data and break it down to determine the true cause of each issue that arises in your facility, as well as what to do about it.

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