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Better Fleet Traffic Management through Advanced Locationing

Posted by Thelma Marshall on Oct 20, 2016 4:45:00 AM

Accidents happen, but what if you could predict where, when, and even why they occur? Advanced locationing provides those insights so managers can gain ultimate control over fleet traffic management and warehouse safety.In_a_warehouse_tracking_to_the_square_foot_matters..jpg

Over the past few years, advances in telematics have helped warehouses improve safety. Today’s warehouse managers can prevent many impacts and injuries before they occur. Decisions are proactive rather than reactive — and that saves downtime, repair costs, and OSHA-violation fines.

TotalTrax is poised and ready to lead the way in 2017, with two significant capabilities on the horizon, which could change how you manage your warehouse and fleet:

  1. Business intelligence (BI) capabilities from telematics will go beyond providing actionable insights to facilitating even greater proactive decision-making.
  2. Telematics systems will become much more “context aware” with the addition of better indoor location technology.

What advanced locationing means to you

OSHA estimates that, of the 1 million forklifts in the U.S., two-thirds are involved in an accident in their normal 8-year lifespan. Resulting worker injuries and deaths are devastating to families and financially crippling to employers. The U.S. Department of Labor that workplace accidents cost employers an estimated $1 billion per week in direct workers’ compensation costs alone.

Advanced locationing gives warehouse managers insights that help prevent such accidents. This technology assists in routing forklifts to the shortest or least-congested paths, tailoring operational parameters based on:

  • Location
  • Battery charge state
  • The presence of other vehicles
  • Physical conditions at current location
  • Historical performance of location, vehicle, and even operator
  • Predictive calculations

With advanced locationing, you can improve traffic management with these 5 capabilities:

1. Immediately locate any forklift within the warehouse or site.

Real-time precise vehicle locations map to the physical facility on the grid. Users have an improved view of current vehicle and operator activity and the ability to physically attend to vehicle and operator needs.

2. Record precise distance traveled over time, speed, and location.

Integration with the current Safety and Fleet Management Module enhances many of its features — including better position information, speed, and geo-fencing monitoring.  Monitor compliance of speed with controlled access by operators and vehicles in those zones.

3. Make connections between locations and events.

Associate precise vehicle locations with ANY configured SX200 event, so you can analyze and document event environment and circumstances with greater detail. Analysis is proactive step to cut future impacts.

4. Configure historical mapping of events.

Map historic events or impacts within the warehouse to analyze with a location context to determine relevance to compliance, performance, and KPIs in ways not previously possible.

5. Ensure exact location accuracy (within 1 foot).

Precisely define logical zones, establish rules for speed and inclusion/exclusion within those zones, and monitor compliance. Print and export mapped events in PDF, JPG, and GIF formats for external reporting and processing.

According Inbound Logistics, real-time advanced location systems can boost warehouse productivity, increase process efficiency, and reduce the potential for costly and time-consuming errors and impacts.

TotalTrax SX/VX Advanced Telematics Platform will revolutionize locationing capabilities in 2017, with real-time data, analysis, and the exact location of every pallet and forklift truck in the warehouse.

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