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Save Time with Hour Meters — Track Electronically in SX200

Posted by Dick Sorenson on Aug 23, 2016 4:00:00 AM

Does it seem like you are endlessly walking the concrete floors to keep tabs on your drivers and forklifts? What if you could track the entire fleet from one location? How much time and energy could you save?watch-1267420_640.jpg

Tracking engine hours with hour meters helps you analyze your fleet’s performance to better manage vehicle replacement, preventive maintenance, vehicle utilization, and ultimately the total cost of ownership. Most warehouse managers know the value of this data. But if you are still doing this manually, you are wasting valuable time.

According to a recent Work Truck article by Editor Mike Antich, telematics devices on company vehicles is the next big trend in costs-saving tactics. Antich says that fleets today are using telematics for more than just lowering operating costs and increasing fuel efficiency.

Electronic tracking can:

  • Optimize engine hours
  • Track actual miles driven
  • Analyze and report on idle time
  • Break down drivers’ times from log in to log out
  • Ensure safety-checklist execution
  • Document forklift activities such as lift motion, idle time, and more

Can hour meters save you time and money?

Remote meter monitoring can save lift truck owners and operators time and effort by replacing the need for manual product checks. For example, using wireless real-time telematics, like TotalTrax’s SX/VX advanced telematics platform, you can keep track of the activities of both forklifts and operators. Results — from the convenience of a display — allow you to:

  • Manage data access at both the local and enterprise levels
  • Operate multiple sites independently with user login privileges
  • Get total access for site administrators to view data, run reports, and modify settings for any site
  • Use cloud data hosting to receive active monitoring and analysis of systems and fleets to improve overall performance
  • Build dashboard views of entire operations to monitor safety, fleet utilization, labor and warehouse productivity, and other critical metrics with customizable, real-time alerts vs. KPIs and other important notifications.
  • Have data delivered wirelessly to the SX200 software, developed for this platform. Its reporting and analytics tools compile information that you can use, saving you the laborious task of gathering, sorting, and interpreting mounds of data.

TotalTrax has built the first cutting-edge material-handling vehicle telematics platform — which includes advanced solutions such as finite location, safety zones, and battery monitoring. Beyond the basic platform, it offers dramatically expanded reporting, dashboards, business intelligence, and predictive and comparative analytics.

Telematics provides all the information you need to improve efficiency in your operation, saving you the time required to collect, analyze, and interpret the data yourself.

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