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5 KPIs Warehouse Management Should Start Their Day With

Posted by Neil O'Connell, SVP Technology, Innovation, & Product Development on Oct 11, 2018 4:00:00 AM

Do you begin each day with all the information needed to avoid distribution problems and prevent accidents in your warehouse? Facility managers face endless demands, daily challenges, and increased pressure to get the job done fast. So, if you find yourself focused on the task at hand, instead of considering all the moving parts that can cause problems each day, you are not alone.  road-sign-1274312_640-1

The problem is, there simply isn’t time for arduous reports that examine every detail. But, you still need information if you are to prevent issues before they occur.  One solution is to use your telematics software to highlight 5 specific KPIs on one screen, delivering fast facts, insight, and direction. 

Staying one step ahead of issues requires proactive planning in these 5 areas:  

  1. Activity — The movement of your fleet is a priority. Are there issues with routing that will slow down your fleet? Are there enough operators on the floor to move the inventory and meet demand?
  2. Impacts — What impacts or near-miss incidents have recently occurred?Which operator was involved? What was the root cause? What action can be taken to prevent it from happening again?
  3. Checklists — Have the safety checklists been completed wholly and successfully? Are there forklifts with mechanical issues that must be locked out for safety?How will this impact activity and productivity on the floor?
  4. Lockout — If vehicles are locked out due to maintenance issues or impacts, are they scheduled for repair soon? When will they be operational? Are all the replacement parts ordered?
  5. Certification — Are driver certifications up to date and meet OSHA training requirements? Should training be scheduled soon?

About 65 percent of warehouse enterprises are using big data analytics to monitor their fleet, equipment, and assets, identify problems, and set reminders for proactive maintenance. The latest software monitors and instantly identifies where, when, why, and how to fix your top 5 KPI issues, simply by looking at one dashboard. 

Prevent warehouse challenges before they occur

Your shift should consist of a hot cup of coffee and instant knowledge about what could go wrong that day and how to prevent it. Telematic software considers the big picture, monitoring and learning from behaviors throughout the entire facility to identify ways to avoid problems and boost productivity across the enterprise. 

This improves:

  • Learning operator patterns assists in promoting the safer handling of equipment and provides a better understanding of how and why impacts occur.
  • The system identifies matching patterns and learns from them. Increased driver and fuel cost efficiencies result from instantly knowing the shortest or least congested path. 

Advanced telematic software can simplify your day by delivering instant information about all the moving parts of your operation and how they may impact each other. Learning the details about the top KPIs allows managers to take proactive action and avoid common warehouse challenges.


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