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To boost mixed fleet productivity, telematics is the answer: Here's why

Posted by Dick Sorenson on Jul 14, 2016 4:00:00 AM

bee-739377_1920-2.jpgDo you have a mixed fleet? Are you under the impression that telematics cannot be implemented unless all forklifts are made by the same manufacturer?

Think again.

By deploying a standardized system that works across all of your forklifts, regardless of the manufacturer, you can reap the full benefits of telematics. The fact is as many as eight or nine out of 10 warehouses have mixed fleets. Still, the misconceived notion that telematics only works on one line of trucks persists. 

A TotalTrax telematics solution, for example, works on any manufacturer’s equipment, enabling a host of features that will cut forklift accidents, increase safety, improve inventory accuracy, and ultimately boost mixed fleet productivity.

Here is, specifically, what you and your customer stand to gain:

  • Fosters authorized driving by providing consistent access control 

With the same telematics solution deployed across your mixed fleet, you eliminate the risk of lapses in vehicle access control. Making sure only authorized drivers can operate the trucks has been proven to prevent unauthorized driving. A rigorous forklift safety training regimen will not have full impact if you cannot control which drivers are able to access which vehicles. The flexibility of telematics devices also makes for ease of use, allowing most companies to integrate employee badges into the system for equipment access

  • Makes fleet maintenance easier to monitor (no more walking around)

Tracking maintenance history and the cost to maintain are two of the most popular features of telematics solutions. Telematics gives you the ability to track hour meters remotely and diagnose issues before ever going on site. Remote monitoring not only saves you time –forget having to enter the warehouse floor to check vehicles in person – but also helps you improve the planning of the preventative maintenance schedule.

  • Improves labor management

Telematics equals visibility. And visibility, in turn, is the foundation of productivity improvements. Enterprise telematics devices are able to perform job tracking, a feature that in combination with utilization monitoring offer a detailed perspective on how the mixed fleet is operating.

  • Enables consistent safety and productivity metrics across your fleet

What percentage of a shift does your vehicles spend active with load? What driver is the most efficient? Can routing be improved? Are certain areas of your warehouse more prone to forklift impacts? Telematics has the answers. Regardless of which manufacturer of forklift is used, a single, independent telematics solution can help keep your metrics unbiased. To further promote the ease of use, TotalTrax allows for these types of metrics to be offered in a language native to the user.

  • Optimizes/reduces your fleet maintenance costs with one version of the truth:

A single telematics solution gives you a holistic and comprehensive view of the maintenance needs of your entire fleet, helping you more efficiently plan upkeep across all your lift trucks. The result:Lowered costs, improved lift “uptime,” and optimized productivity.

  • Innovates by quickly adding capability to your entire fleet:

A single cloud-based telematics solution enables you to quickly add new and innovative capabilities such as battery monitoring to all lifts at once. The hassle-free approach opens the door to the speedy tackling of issues as they arise.

  • Maintains OSHA standards and easy record access:

Forklifts are routinely cited as a top 10 offender of OSHA’s regulations. Manually addressing the long list of safety checks is a recipe for failure as non-compliant vehicles more easily remain in use and the risk of errors increases with paper-based reporting. Telematics provides pre-shift safety checklists for all authorized operators as well as automatic alerts regarding training and maintenance requirements. From operator certification records to safety checklist reports, OSHA compliance is ensured. The solution also helps you keep records in order and easily accessible in the event of a request for documentation.

Don’t hold off on investing in telematics because of a misconceived notion that it cannot be implemented across a mixed fleet. As the seven bullet points prove, you stand to benefit on many levels.


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