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Forklift Safety - Preparing for National Forklift Safety Month

Posted by Thelma Marshall on Jun 12, 2018 4:00:00 AM

Now is the perfect time to review if forklift training and certification needs are being met in your warehouse facility. National Forklift Safety Day is June 12, and that means warehouse managers across the country are taking a closer look at operator safety and training deficits. National Forklift Safety Month is here .

There are few industries that carry this high level of risk. In fact, the warehousing industry’s fatal-injury rate is higher than the national average for all other industries combined. But action prevents accidents!

Despite the statistics, keeping track of certifications and training often gets postponed or forgotten. But, remember this. The forklift is probably the most dangerous vehicle in your warehouse, with the total number of lift-truck-related injuries averaging more than 96,000 each year.

And this is costly in many ways. The average work-related injury leads to $38,000 in direct expenses and $150,000 in indirect costs. This means that a single injury could cost your business a total of $188,000.

Potential hazards for workers in warehousing:

  • Unsafe use of forklifts
  • Improper stacking of products
  • Failure to use proper personal protective equipment
  • Failure to follow proper lockout/tagout

To serve as a reminder, National Forklift Safety Day is held each June, highlighting the importance for training and safety protocol in saving lives, costly injuries, and impacts.

What you can do to improve forklift safety now

The solution to safety is to track operator behavior and to be alerted when certifications and evaluations are needed — as well as any training required by OSHA. Basically, an operator needs to be certified on whatever vehicle he is operating. And if risky behavior, changes in the equipment, or an accident occurs, retraining is required.

Keeping track of each operator can be simplified by using a telematics platform to monitor each operator, their current training, certifications, and how they really perform on the job.

Managers gain:

  • Insight on driver behavior — good and bad — so poor habits can be addressed.
  • Operator certifications can be required before an operator can use a particular vehicle model. The vehicle can be locked out if the operator is not in compliance.
  • The operator-certification-expiration option provides a list of operators whose certification is nearing expiration. Included in the report: expiration date, operator, license, model, site, and supervisor.
  • Safety checklists ensure the driver never fails to complete safety protocol.
  • Advanced-location capabilities assist with safer warehouse traffic management and speed-limit enforcement.
  • Systems provide information around warnings and trends, allowing management to address poor operator behavior before an accident occurs.

National Forklift Safety encompasses the entire month of June. Use it, and the right telematics software platform, to reestablish and enforce solid safety protocol, goals, and to identify all operator training needs.

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