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The Game-Changing Transition to the SX/VX Telematics Platform

Posted by Dick Sorenson on Oct 11, 2016 4:30:00 AM

If you want to increase productivity and operational efficiencies, telematics is your solution. But keeping up with the latest developments and cutting-edge telematic capabilities can be confusing. Which product offers the greatest insight and  benefit to your business? Where is the future heading?board-1273117_640.jpg

As more organizations make the move a telematics platform to manage their fleet and warehouse operations — about 52 % of companies have implemented it — many look to the capabilities of the latest cloud-based applications.

 TotalTrax responded to this demand, developing an advanced platform to deliver the ultimate fleet telematics solution. This, of course, means that older products will get phased out — we call it lifecycle management — as the focus shifts to server products on SX200 cloud-based solutions and services.

Operational efficiencies and transitioning to the cloud

Current customers of EquipCommand (EqC), EquipManager (EM), ImpactManager RF (RF), and ImpactManager ID (ID) stand to make significant functional gains by upgrading their installations to the new TotalTrax SX/VX Advanced Telematics Platform.

Here’s why — you benefit from even better current and future capabilities that the new hardware platform provides, such as superior hardware modularity and functional extensibility.

5 facts about the SX/VX Telematics Platform

1. The initial 2015 SXVX platform offered a foundation to deliver additional fleet telematics applications.

Customers benefited from more interactive and easy-to-run reporting.

2. The release of SX200 and optional software modules this year offered major new functional benefits.

Benefits include a customizable “dashboard” providing “at-a-glance” real-time, exception-based, self-service insights into the health of fleet operations.

3. SX200 Advanced Location gives you real-time, precise (within 1 foot) location information about your fleet.

Combined with SX200 telematics data, locationing greatly enhances the ability to achieve and improve safety, operator productivity, and utilization and maintenance objectives.

4. Advanced predictive analysis helps you easily identify areas for improvement.

Use these insights to discover your need for improved driver training, labor reallocation, and slotting optimization — using real-time tracking to let facts determine the best route for product movement.

5. Remotely monitor, diagnose, troubleshoot and reboot your units.

With remote monitoring, vehicles can get back online as soon as possible. The platform includes industry-leading data, reporting, and analytic management tools from Logi Analytics®, and leverages the extensive data-hosting expertise of RackSpace®. SX200 software is easy to use, flexible, and automatically updatable via the cloud.

Today’s organizations recognize the value of a cloud-based platform, like improved access to analytics, increased productivity, and reduced costs. With the focus on SX200 cloud-based solutions and services, TotalTrax customers will gain valuable insight and tools to optimize efficiencies and safety within their warehouse operations.


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