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Optimize Forklift Operators — Make the Most of Their Skills and Time

Posted by Thelma Marshall on Dec 21, 2017 4:00:00 AM

When scheduling operators, does skill level, efficiency and their overall productivity impact your choices? Are tasks assigned with forethought and insight, or are they just assigned to the next name on the list? sentiment-analysis-positive-negative-neutral_(1).png

You can save time and money by making assignments based on facts and insight, knowing exactly which operators will be best for the tasks at hand.

Sounds smart, but how do you know how well each driver is really performing daily? How do you determine where skills are lacking? Telematic operator report cards provides answers at your fingertips.

For example, you should know:

  • What skills does each operator have or excel at?
  • What challenges them and where is there the greatest potential for mishaps or delays?
  • If time is of the essence, who always makes the most efficient use of time, getting a task done quickly and without compromising safety?

How to optimize forklift operators' time and energy

Some of your best operators can be under-utilized, so it is important to determine how to make the most of every minute they are clocked in. This starts with quickly learning the performance level of each of your operators.

  • Telematic operator report cards can track impacts, near-misses, speed and safety checklists, letting you review and measure gaps in an operator's safety performance.
  • Report cards deliver detailed, accurate information on how well operators are doing as individuals — and in comparison to other operators.
  • Documentation by operator shows who had the most productive activity and the least idle time.
  • Report cards show each operator’s current certifications and which type of trucks they are qualified to operate.
  • Monitoring operator behavior and task execution tends to increase employee productivity. This works to improve performance over time.
  • Using telematic data, you can identify needs — like driver training, labor reallocation, and slotting optimization.

With the right data, you can begin to make targeted changes to driver routines and productivity — like actual time spent moving products.

Smarter operator management

In a nutshell,  real-time visibility into the movement and performance of your operators and your fleet facilitates better scheduling and skill optimization.

Telematic operator report cards analyze and pinpoint where each forklift driver excels — and where they fall short of expectations. This tool allows you to schedule and assign the best worker to a specific task and optimize everyone’s time on the job.

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