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How to Reduce Warehouse Growing Pains

Posted by Thelma Marshall on Apr 11, 2019 4:00:00 AM

With all the moving parts within a growing warehouse or distribution center, there are a few key areas that  take priority. Every action should bring you back to the goal of reducing costs and increasing margins. But, keeping a watchful eye on everything can be one of the biggest managerial challenges. forklift-1796_640(1)

A solution for many warehouse and distribution centers is to take control of all moving parts with a cloud-based telematics platform that adapts and evolves with the business. Leveraging this superior level of insight facilitates smoother daily operations and fewer growing pains as demands increase.

Expanding without growing pains 

As an enterprise expands, additional distribution centers may be required to keep up with customers’ expectations for fast, seamless delivery. This often means focusing on how to track movement throughout multiple locations, maintain safety, and ensure proper maintenance of equipment remotely.

The larger your fleet, the more you need forklift and operator monitoring, reminding everyone to focus on necessary repairs and maintenance. This software can also identify the ‘where, when and why’ of each impact or repair. This facilitates better control over maintenance costs, fleet utilization, and cost of ownership for each forklift. 

Key attributes for smoother business growth

With the right people, processes and technology, warehouse managers can leverage all assets to increase productivity and inspire growth.

For example, you must have:

  1. Well-trained operators

Proper staffing and training matter. Operators should be assigned tasks that fit their certifications and skill level. Managers can better access this if they leverage technology that monitors driver behavior and identifies strengths and training needs.  

  1. Well-planned protocol

Every facility needs basic protocol, like customizable safety checklists that must be performed before forklifts will operate. Vehicle tracking, which delivers key insights regarding the exact location of your fleet and drivers, helps identify needs — like improved driver training, labor reallocation, slotting optimization, and safer routing.

  1. Technology that drives improvement

To become smarter, better, and faster, you need access to a wide range of data from your operations — insight as to what is happening on a granular level. With the right telematics platform, real-time data and detailed analysis can help target where and how your business can realize greater efficiency.

  1. Managers who can multi-task 

You can gain insight through technology, but there are many exceptions and miscellaneous tasks that must be juggled to prevent negative impacts to productivity, efficiency, or both.  

For example, across your enterprise everyone must work together to balance speed and accuracy. Managers should be able to pinpoint the exact location of product, all the steps in order fulfillment and where challenges are about to occur. Preventative action is part of multi-tasking skills. 

The right people, plans, technology, and proactive management are key to business growth and productivity. With telematic insight, knowledge is achieved instantly, on a single dashboard, helping warehouse managers target ways to reduce costs and increase margins of growth.

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