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Eliminate Unauthorized Forklift Use with Telematic Tools

Posted by Thelma Marshall on Jul 10, 2018 4:00:00 AM

Are your forklift operators using trucks they are not trained to operate? Are all of your drivers' certifications up to date? These things can slip through the cracks in everyday management and can result in costly accidents, slowed productivity, and even regulatory fines.  keys-1561110_640

Managers can’t be everywhere at once, but there are ways to be sure this never occurs. Your telematics system should equip lift-trucks with an identification-card reader, which limits vehicle access to appropriately trained operators. The system should also limit driver access to only the specific equipment they are currently certified to operate.  

This ensures that:

  • Operator certifications are required before an operator can use a particular vehicle model. 
  • The vehicle can be locked out if the operator is not in compliance. 
  • It is not possible to break the rules, and it can even be proven to OSHA inspectors that all drivers are qualified to operate the equipment they are driving. This is very important should there be an accident.

Without forklift monitoring and licensure checks, the risk of untrained operators driving trucks and drivers potentially not following safety procedures increases.

But, by some estimates, less than 30% of lift-trucks are equipped with telematics. What’s missing in those instances is data that highlights what’s going wrong and why, and potentially the lock-out of vehicles to prevent OSHA and safety violations.

Even small OSHA violations can cost you thousands. Some citations carry financial penalties up to $7,000 for non-serious violations, and up to $70,000 for repeat offenders.

How telematics ensures drivers are authorized

Along with locking out vehicles from unauthorized drivers, telematics systems monitor and track each operator, sending an alert to managers and drivers when certifications are near expiration. This helps to ensure refresher training is provided on a timely basis — no guesswork or manual tracking is required. Your drivers’ certifications can be kept up to date, and OSHA compliance is easily proven with this documentation.

How does this work? Telematics software takes monitoring and control to the next level, with detailed certification and training log administration and advanced driver-access control. This means:

  • The operator-certification-expiration option provides a list of operators whose certification is nearing expiration.
  • Included in the report are the expiration date, operator, license, model, site, and supervisor.

Telematics software is for more than just monitoring your fleet vehicles and warehouse traffic. It can provide alerts about expiring certifications, driver behavior that indicates certain training needs, and vehicle lock-out for uncertified operators. This ensures you that only well-prepared, qualified drivers are operating your forklifts.

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