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Warehouse Traffic Management — Reduce Impacts and Increase Productivity

Posted by Thelma Marshall on Jan 12, 2017 3:00:00 AM

Warehouse vehicles are constantly moving, so safety within each facility often comes down to traffic control. But, predicting issues with traffic and operator behavior is anything but easy — unless you leverage advanced location technology. smart-1348189_640.jpg

Managers must determine routing, enforce speed limits, and prevent impacts, but many don't have the bandwidth to do so effectively. Telematics' advanced location features can provide guidance for proactive, smarter traffic management.

For example, TotalTrax’s newest intelligence solution — CommandPulseDX — provides telematic analytics that easily integrate with other SMART systems already in place. The system uses Wi-Fi to determine the precise location of every fleet vehicle.

The system's new advanced location module also offers GeoRules, allowing managers to create regulations that govern vehicle and operator behavior within predefined areas of a mapped facility.

Safety improves because you can:

  • Restrict operator and vehicle access to specified areas of the mapped facility
  • Set speed limits within specified areas of the mapped facility

Productivity increases because you can:

  • Increase driver and fuel-cost efficiencies by instantly knowing the shortest path or the path of least congestion. The telematics system learns through matching patterns.
  • Watch for operator patterns to better understand how and why impacts occur. Seven out of 10 forklift accidents are preventable with the right insight.

The benefit breakdown

Warehouse traffic management with telematics can reduce impacts and increase product movement within a facility. Advanced location solutions deliver value and ROI by:

  • Providing real-time visibility to precise vehicle locations mapped to the physical facility
  • Offering an improved, real-time view of vehicle and operator activity
  • Associating precise vehicle location with any configured SX200 event, so users can easily analyze and document event environment and circumstances
  • Providing configurable historical mapping of events over time (to determine patterns and problem areas)
  • Mapping of zones to the facility to establish and monitor compliance with speed and controlled access by operators and vehicles
  • Providing computed speed as data to better inform analysis of vehicle allocation, utilization, and maintenance, and operator compliance, assignment, accountability and productivity
  • Offering context-aware locationing capabilities down to the foot to aid optimum routing or identifying the path of least congestion

Telematics facilitates knowledge-based changes and decisions that boost productivity and cut costs associated with accidents. By leveraging advanced location technology, warehouse operators can easily and effectively route the fleet in the right direction — resulting in fewer impacts and greater efficiency.

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