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Simplified Reporting of Warehouse Data with New SX200 Reporting

Posted by Thelma Marshall on Jul 19, 2018 6:07:54 AM

The days when a lift-truck simply moved product through a facility without capturing detailed information is a thing of the past. The question now is how quickly and easily  that data can be used and how to simplify the reporting process. hand-3253346_640

Your time should be focused on solutions, not drilling down through complicated reports to get to what you need. You probably realize that telematic data delivers value, but you may still try and avoid any unsorted information because you feel it is too complex. You’re not alone, but it’s about to get easier.

This is the reason TotalTrax developed the new SX200 reporting platform, which offers the latest improvements in reporting ease based upon customer input. Customers told us their challenges and reporting needs, and we created the solution.

Here’s the breakdown:

The SX200 New Reporting Platform was developed as the result of insight gathered from two separate focus groups in our Voice of Customer review. These innovation sessions included several of our customers, ranging across industries, to provide their personal feedback about where the current reporting system falls short.

We used this valuable information to revamp the software system and to make reports more meaningful and easy to manage.

Here are the top 5 needs, according to customers: magnifying-glass-1607160_640

  1. More flexibility in setting up the reports – choosing the fields they wanted to use
  2. Sharing reports with other SX200 users – such as supervisor sharing with a lead
  3. Saving reports so they didn’t have to be built each time a user logs in
  4. Portability – the ability to export in a PDF that provides a report form, export to Excel and CSV
  5. The ability to see trending in areas such as utilization and productivity

Solutions to address these challenges were fine-tuned, and then all the focus group sites participated in a beta test. The result has been positive ­— customers are now utilizing reports that better fit their needs, saving time and resources.

Positive feedback simply underscores the need for responsive suppliers to be in tune with their clients’ operations, and continuously revise and tailor data solutions based on customer needs.

Today, the more big data you have, the greater the opportunities — no advanced analytical skills should be required. By August 1, all customers on TotalTrax SX200 will be upgraded to the new reporting solutions. The upgrades are happening behind the scenes and are seamless to our customers. To date, approximately half of the updates have been completed.


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