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How to Create an Operator Reward & Team Incentive Program

Posted by Thelma Marshall on Aug 17, 2017 3:00:00 AM

Though no news is said to be good news, employees want to get positive information — like, a pat on the back or a reward — especially when they exceed expectations. So, how do you create a program of rewards that works as an added incentive? motivation-361783_640.jpg

The first thing you need to ask yourself is: what does your team of workers want, and how you will manage a team incentive program?

The first question is simple. Your employees want recognition that shows they are valued and you see their hard work. Incentives don’t have to be large because the point is to receive praise and to feel someone noticed their efforts.

Some simple ideas include:

  • Published name recognition: Publish their name, noting their exceptional efforts in the company-wide newsletter, or post it on the bulletin board.
  • Gift cards: Consider a gift card that buys their morning coffee for a week, or one that pays for lunch at a local sandwich shop.
  • Leave work early day: This may cost more than a gift card, but it is a great incentive employees will strive for. Allow the recognized employee to be able take off a bit early one day — without impacting their paycheck.

How to monitor the incentive program

Worried about determining who is exceptional? Your telematic operator report card can help you to identify top performers and to chart excellence. For example, identify the operator or team member that takes exceptional safety measures and has reduced impacts or safety risks.

With telematics, the only thing you need to do is specifically identify what you are looking for from your employees.

For example:

  • Daily actions that will help your enterprise to achieve its goals
  • Steps that improve KPIs or help reach overall achievements
  • Adhering to policies and/or practices, like proper battery charging or utilizing safety checklists

Now, determine who best supported the company’s goals through their actions (during a specific time frame (monthly or quarterly), and recognize them publicly.

Why have an incentive program?

The fact is that just about everyone responds to praise and incentives, so an employee rewards program can be instrumental in motivating workers to perform better. This benefits the entire operation.

Here’s why:

  • It is great for morale, and that feeling of being a part of the success of the company. Employees often go above and beyond what is expected of them.
  • Incentives that address areas in the operation that need improvement can help the company achieve its goals.
  • Incentives make operators or an entire team feel appreciated and respected so they are more likely to stay with the company. You retain top performers.

Whether you are recognizing top-performing forklift operators or other workers, you are creating a win-win situation for all involved. Use telematic software’s individual report cards to highlight those positive skills and behaviors, and make your incentive program easier to manage.


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