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Create Warehouse KPI Goals that Everyone Works Toward

Posted by Thelma Marshall on Apr 11, 2017 3:00:00 AM

Your goals are set, but getting your team to take action to support them may be more challenging than you think. Most companies set visible goals to meet compliance or regulatory requirements. These are suitable for board meeting reviews and front hall displays, but they have no relevancy to the hourly worker. game-characters-1744225_640.jpg

Keys to employee engagement:

  • Set effective goals and communicate objectives in understandable terms.
  • Have a system that identifies what actions are required — the where, when and how — to achieve each KPI goal.

Today’s telematics platforms can simplify warehouse data so everyone throughout the facility understands the value of goals and knows what is needed to achieve them.

Metrics to engage employees

First step, the benchmarks. Here are a few common metrics to focus on:

  • Audit scores – A benchmark is set and scores are issued for Lean manufacturing tools, like 5S (sort, set in order, shine, standardize, sustain) and compliance in using PPE (personal protective equipment).
  • Number of incidents reported – Incidents or near misses are seen as opportunities. This is a positive metric when root cause and corrective actions are the goal.
  • Safety improvements – Tracking safety improvements can reduce the risk of injury. These can be tracked by an individual, work cell, or department.
  • Safety observations – This metric is a proactive way employees can observe and recognize their peers for safe behaviors.
  • Job safety analyses (JSA) completed – Set a target amount of JSAs to be completed. Team members then identify safety improvements needed.

Simplified telematic data drives goals

Next, track results. A telematics solution facilitates KPI transparency, identifying what is going well — and what is not — throughout the facility. Managers and employees can see how change facilitates improvement.

For example, TotalTrax’s new CommandPulseDX drills down into the data for actionable information or graphics.

Control KPIs through the:

  1. Activity widget
  • Shows the amount of time vehicles are in use.
  • Assists in an organization’s goal to reduce the number of trucks or operators
  • Controls forklift routing in real time with advanced location capabilities
  1. Certification widget
  • Supports safety compliance goals with operator certification data — the number of certifications at a particular site, grouped by the amount of time to expiration
  • Issues alerts identifying which operators need recertification, an OSHA requirement
  1. Impact widget
  • KPIs can be set to alert managers of severe impacts per-active-hour and quickly identifies the root cause of impacts and how to prevent further incidents
  • Chart impacts over a period of time, data determines operator vs. truck issues
  1. Operator report card
  • Records an operator’s performance and improvements
  • Tracks continuous improvement by an individual operator, group, or site
  1. Maintenance report card
  • Tracks vehicle goals like battery monitoring, impacts, and fleet utilization
  1. Battery report card
  • Track the health of an individual or fleet of batteries

 Goals should be a team effort. The right telematics software provides digestible insight employees can use to avoid pitfalls and create opportunities for continuous improvement.

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