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What Committing to Continuous Improvement Means to Your Warehouse

Posted by Richard Sorenson, Product Director on Feb 23, 2017 3:00:00 AM

The latest developments in “Continuous Improvement” tools facilitate leaner, more efficient warehouse management. The question is, does your enterprise know what it means and how to establish and maintain this lean method of management? control-1067017_640.jpg

To answer that question, you must first understand the concept behind Continuous Improvement. It derives from Lean 6 Sigma, a methodology that relies on collaborative team effort to improve performance by systematically removing waste.

Continuous Improvement focuses us on several methodologies, but one that fits especially well in the warehouse is the concept of PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act).

The most efficient use of a warehouse manager’s time

PDCA focuses on the idea of setting goals — here’s how:

  • Create a plan – Identify areas in need of improvement and what actions are needed to achieve it.
  • Do the work behind the plan - Check/monitor the efficacy of the plan and take the actions needed to continuously improve the plan.

Committing to continuous improvement requires checking and monitoring specific goals each day. How can you make the time?

TotalTrax customers asked us to solve that dilemma, using the SX200 system to focus closely on the PDCA and continuous improvement process. In response, new tools were created — specifically, the CommandPulseDX suite of widgets.

Lean warehouse management — PDCA made simple 

These revolutionary tools eliminate time-consuming research and analysis for operation managers. Here is how:

  • The user sets a KPI (Key Performance Indicator, a way of setting a plan or goal) one time within the system.
  • The user then chooses the group or groups he/she wants to check on/monitor, and then the CommandPulseDX system takes over.
  • The DX dashboard automatically provides a single screen to monitor of all KPIs and levels of achievement on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Telematic solutions find time to focus on continuous improvement

One of the greatest benefits of the CommandPulseDX system is it saves time. Here’s how:

  • It relieves managers from running time-consuming reports, and lets them focus on monitoring critical fleet and operational data on a single dashboard.
  • If a specific area fails to achieve the KPIs, the system visually turns the monitored area red, indicating attention needed by the manager.
  • One click provides trend data for monitored areas, so managers can understand if the measurement indicates a trend that needs attention, or simply an anomaly that needs monitoring.
  • If action is necessary, a second screen provides operator, forklift, or other detailed data indicating root cause. Analysis tools determine suspect areas for remediation.
  • When a solution is in place, the tool renews the improvement cycle, and monitoring begins anew.

The CommandPulseDX toolset is specifically designed to drive the PDCA cycle with ease and efficiency, delivering continuous improvement to TotalTrax customers.

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