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Want Warehouse Solutions? See You at MODEX 2018

Posted by Dick Sorenson on Apr 5, 2018 4:00:00 AM

Important new business connections are waiting for you at MODEX 2018, April 9-12, at the Georgia World Conference Center in Atlanta.  What you learn there could be the first step in reaching key benchmarks and goals across your enterprise. If you want answers, this is where to find them. 300x250

This bi-annual event is a one-stop opportunity to find solutions for a multitude of supply chain and manufacturing challenges. It makes it easy to learn about superior advancements in supply chain solutions, information about the latest equipment and technology, and streamlined platforms that will help any enterprise make the transition to leaner warehouse management.

Why attend MODEX 2018?

At MODEX 2018, you will meet new contacts, discover cutting-edge solutions, and learn the latest trends that could change the future of your business and also help maintain your competitive edge.

Who will be there?

This year, 850 of the leading industry providers, including TotalTrax Inc., will be present. Attendees can meet the experts face-to-face and get personalized answers and warehouse solutions.

Why visit the TotalTrax booth?

We have answers that deliver results. TotalTrax, Inc., is the leading provider of real-time vehicle, driver and inventory tracking technologies for manufacturing and warehouse operations. We will be there offering insight into the latest capabilities in telematics, including how to gain valuable, actionable information that improves productivity and safety in your facility. P1010385 SCL 2

Find a value-driven solution that fits your business

We will be at Booth #B1430 in the conference center, ready to explain exactly what we can do to solve your biggest warehouse or distribution center challenges.

What we do in a nutshell:

  • TTX automates the use of forklifts in the warehouse environment, transforming traditional material-handling vehicles into “smart trucks.”
  • Our SX/VX platform is a powerful enhancement to most warehousing safety programs.
  • Our platforms equip each forklift truck with a small device that measures speed, location, near-misses, and impacts.
  • An upper-facing camera looks at optical placement markers and pinpoints where units are in the warehouse down to the square inch.
  • Managers have all the information they need, in real time and on one screen. This data is essential, actionable insight.

Telematics platforms and your warehouse needs

Telematic monitoring provides real-time insight that is essential to implementing immediate improvements that generate productivity gains.

A few facts:

  • In the cloud, our software seamlessly updates without our customers’ having to do anything.
  • With patented hardware, software, and reporting and business intelligence tools, TotalTrax delivers substantial value in safety, fleet utilization, labor productivity, and inventory accuracy.

Telematic solutions deliver ROI. You realize value through increased productivity, reduced maintenance costs, optimized fleet utilization, inventory accuracy, and safer warehouse practices. Visit us at MODEX 2018 to learn what TotalTrax could do for your business.

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