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VoC: How We Created Better Telematic Insight for Your Warehouse

Posted by Thelma Marshall on Mar 8, 2018 4:00:00 AM

As a senior project manager, overseeing the implementation of large systems such as SAP GRC, Kronos, and Lawson, I have often heard from customers on the receiving end saying, “Who configured this?” or “If someone would have only talked to us, we could have made it better.”  The lesson learned is that the voice of the customer (VoC) mattersgroup-1825510_640.jpg

No matter what your business is, to provide a competitive customer experience, you need to engage the customer while developing products. Today, 89% of companies expect to compete when it comes to customer experience.  Research shows that the top 20% of “Best in Class VoC users” have a 10 times greater year-over-year company income.

Other findings show:

  • They enjoy 55% greater customer retention rates.
  • They have an average 23% decrease in year-over-year customer service costs.
  • They have 292% greater employee engagement rates.

You can’t argue with proven results and impressive revenue growth. So TotalTrax began following this example in providing better telematic insight for your warehouse needs. We established opportunity, through multiple venues, to reach out to their consumers and really listen. So far, we've gained a wealth of insight.

Customer Experience: Powered by Voice of the Customer

TotalTrax, Inc. is proud to be part of a group of businesses that creates solutions based upon what customers say they need and want. Listening to customers can often be tough and hard to hear, but it is necessary when developing a telematics product they’ll use every day.

We listen to customers in three ways:

  1. Customer journeys – Conversations on experience provide a better understanding of the customers' journey.
  2. Customer focus groups – These groups tell the customer “We heard you, and here are the resulting changes." They also allow a group of customers to provide feedback in real time.
  3. Customer betas – These allow the customers to test drive product changes in their environment prior to full release.

Those three customer engagements provide vital feedback for advanced product development and improvements, which have been used in developing our most popular telematics capabilities:

  • Battery Monitoring – monitors the life of your forklift batteries
  • Advanced Location – monitors the location of your vehicles, added pedestrian safety, and trends in product demands
  • CommandPulseDX – dynamic dashboard providing statistics through KPIs and utilization trending demands

Listening to customers provides insight, measurable results, and immediate direction about what needs to be improved. Our company is now committed to using and improving VoC to better address customer needs based on real experiences and insight.

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