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Telematics and the path to real-time visibility

Posted by Richard Sorenson, Product Director on Apr 12, 2016 4:00:00 AM

cat-1285634_1920.pngIf you want to boost the productivity of your warehouse operation, you need real-time visibility. The ability to shine a virtual light on the exact location and status of your inventory and fleet at all times lays the foundation for targeted improvements. In essence, it gives you the opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive.

Enabled by telematics, your fleet is no longer operating in isolation. Each vehicle becomes a communications hub or “smart truck,” automatically collecting data on vehicle usage, maintenance, impacts, lift truck load and location.

  • How long did it take operator X to drive from point A to point B?
  • Which route did he or she take?
  • How many pallets did the most productive operator move per hour?
  • Who is involved in the most impacts?

When you can identify accident-prone areas in your warehouse, access data on operator performance, follow the movement of pallets throughout the facility, monitor maintenance and safety checklists, you can make knowledge-based decisions for the better of your operation. Automated data collection also means you eliminate the errors associated with manual input, resulting, again, in documented productivity gains.  

Without accessible and real-time insights, on the other hand, you are essentially operating in the dark, forced to rely on gut instinct or the incomplete picture provided by your warehouse and labor management systems.

A new whitepaper by TotalTrax spells out the case for telematics and the gains that you can expect to see by using the latest hardware, software, reporting, and business intelligence tools.

Download white paper


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