Sky-Trax enables EastPack to cut shipment penalties and boost productivity

When shipment penalties for inventory errors reached nearly $300K, EastPack, one of the largest kiwifruit packaging houses in New Zealand, decided to implement the Sky-Trax indoor vehicle and inventory tracking supply chain solution.

By tracking each forklift and pallet in real time with accuracy to the square inch, the company realized a 30 percent increase in overall productivity, reduced their forklift feet from 24 trucks to 16, and achieved a 40 percent reduction in fruit loss for the 2008 season. Shipment penalties also saw a significant drop as did penalties for noncompliance of on-time delivery – from $250,000 to zero.

“Having ten people line up outside the manager’s door with problems of lost pallets is no longer a problem.”

- Eric Sunderman of GS1, Senior Consultant to East Pack




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