GENCO achieves perfect inventory accuracy and realizes productivity gains by deploying Sky-Trax

Manual pallet scanning is one of the biggest warehouse productivity killers. GENCO Supply Chain Solutions wanted to eliminate manual scanning and improve routing, slot optimization, and simplify the receiving and retrieving processes at its 200,000-square-foot dry foods distribution center in Lemoyne, Penn.

The company chose Sky-Trax, a comprehensive asset and inventory tracking solution that allows vehicles to be tracked in real time with accuracy to the square inch.

Key gains included:

  •          12 percent increase in facility throughput
  •          99.9 percent inventory accuracy
“With gained visibility to inventory and vehicle movement, we are now able to analyze each operator’s performance, including the amount of idle time and time spent active with no load.” 
- Matt Stoner, Operations Manager, GENCO Supply Chain Solutions


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